How can I contact you?
Click on the Contact Us button in the main menu
What is scale?
Scale is the size on the model that indicates the actual size on the real item. Eg. 1:40 indicates that 1cm on the model represents 40cm.
What is HO scale?
HO Scale is the most popular model train scale and is 1:87.
What is digital command control?
Digital command control is a method of controlling model trains where a decoder is fitted to different locomotives and with the aid of a digital command controller each locomotive can be controlled individually.
What is the difference between DCC ready and DCC fitted?
DCC ready is a locomotive that has the socket to have a digital command control decoder fitted and DCC fitted is a locomotive that already has the digital command control decoder fitted.
Should the re-chargeable battery of a R/C Helicopter or R/C Aircraft be run completely flat?
The re-chargeable battery should never be run completely flat as it can cause the battery to become faulty.
Where is your shop?
We are based in the east of Pretoria.
What is the best model scale?
There are a number of different scales that it is upto personal preference depending on the amount of space that you have got.